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‘Safety Plan’ Keyrings


As a result of successful Crowdfunding, I am really happy to promote my unique ‘Safety Plan’ keyrings.

I first had the idea of these keyrings back in 2002 when I was developing the first IDVA (Independent Domestic Violence Advocacy) service, in Westminster, London.  Having experienced domestic abuse myself in the past, I know how important and vital it feels to be prepared for an emergency situation and to be able to access help quickly.  Survivors of domestic abuse, in any of its forms, are proficient in becoming ‘battle ready’ and need resources to assist them.

I took the idea of the ‘Safety Plan’ keyrings and had them produced at the time and they proved to be every bit as useful as I thought they would be. The feedback I received at the time from women experiencing domestic abuse was extremely positive.  So I wanted to create these again – at a time when more and more women are trapped in their own homes as a result of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdowns – safety planning is paramount.

An ordinary looking keyring with a simple design that would ‘go over’ most abusers heads with not a second thought.  But using a small coin, the casing comes apart and inside is a hidden, pull out, personalised safety plan with guidance on what to do to avert a crisis situation, what to do in an emergency and who to call for help and assistance.

The keyrings cost £4 each plus postage and packing.  If you require a bundle of keyrings, postage and packing will be extra but I will be able to offer a discount on keyring bundles.